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Illegal exploitation of timber has become a major problem for governments and environmental agencies all over the world. There have been issues as to the local and international timber businesses disregarding international laws and protocols laid out for the prevention of illegal exploitation of timber and other forestry products.

At Rainbow Timber however, we understand that compliance to such laws is always a prerequisite as timber is one of the most sustainable and environmentally favorable construction materials available. We strive to preserve wood sources by ensuring our timber is sourced from well managed, credibly certified forests so that the risk of deforestation and illegal exploitation are eliminated.

Hence, we do not sell wood that are:

  • From forested area where traditional or civil rights are violated
  • Harvested from genetically modified trees
  • Illegally harvested
  • From natural forest that has been converted to plantations or are non-forest trees

We have current and valid licenses which are recognized by Cameroon’s Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (Ministere Des Forets Et De La Faune) and undertake all due diligence required under Cameroon’s Timber Regulation

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Supply Of Sawn Wood And Logs European Union Timber Regulation Complaint (EUTR) Container Handling Freight On Board (FOB) Services Wood Inspection

We have a modern and secure warehouse built to suits your storage needs.

FOB Service

We hold a valid export license for sawn timber and logs. We are also EUTR Compliant. Through us, you can export via containers or conventional shipping. We will take care of your wood the moment it arrives in Douala till the receipt of your bill landing.

Container Handling

We own a small fleet of trucks and can handle your containers and facilitate local transport within Douala.


Using our expertise and knowledge, we ensure that we offer only the right quantity, grade and quality of timber you require.

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